VERY STRONG FAT BURNER - Diet Slimming Pills, 30 Capsules, FAT BLOCK 1300

VERY STRONG FAT BURNER - Diet Slimming Pills, 30 Capsules, FAT BLOCK 1300
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Fat Block 1300™

New Advanced Carb Block and Fat Block Formula Support Formula        


PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONDo you find it difficult to cut down on delicious foods filled with carbohydrates such as pasta, cakes, breads, potato chips and ice cream? If you said yes then you are not alone. Now with Fat Block 1300, we offer a 100% safe and stimulant free natural product that will allow you to indulge on occasion without having to feel guilty about eating carb-loaded or sugar rich foods. Fat Block 1300 is an exclusive formulation of research-supported botanical ingredients designed to support a low carbohydrate diet. Our goal was simple...developing a natural product that supports your weight loss goals without making you feel jittery. We have also included Hoodia Gordonii in the formulation of Fat Block 1300


Are you tired of renouncing the beautiful things in life, always dieting and not losing a gram?


Fat Block 1300​​you can treat yourself by blocking bad foods and gain the freedom you deserve.
Fat Block 1300 we offer a 100% safe and completely natural variant of the well known diet formula without the guilt when you eat the foods you like

Fat Block 1300 is designed to speed up your metabolism,  supress the digestion of excessive carbohydrates
to block and to support you in a natural way

Naturally if you exercise and take advantage of the blocking process your weight loss will be significantly increased.  Use in conjunction with exercise and regular sports for optimal results.

High-dosed with 1300mg per dose / 2 caps.

-100% Natural ingredient complex (Guarana, Fenugreek, White kidney bean extract)


Phaeolus Vulgaris (White Kidney Bean Extract)




Take 1-2 capsules with each main meal, with a glass of water
  Great results are seen in 4-8 weeks

Depending on the objectives you can increase or decrease dosage  as per your need.  Do not exceed 8 capsules per day.

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